Our mission
The Savings Sidekick Little Rock Coupon Book exists to help non-profit organizations maximize their fundraising efforts, provide desirable money saving products for consumers, and create effective advertising for local businesses.
Company history
The Savings Sidekick Little Rock Coupon Book was created simply to meet a need. Hundreds of Central Arkansas non-profit organizations require a fundraising program that is easy, fast, and highly profitable. The Savings Sidekick program assists local groups in raising the money that is necessary to fund their various programs and activities.

In January 2009, Matt Black, a successful Little Rock businessman, met with Jared Bakewell, President of Savings Sidekick Publishing. In 2005 Jared had combined the easy sell of a valuable coupon book with a high demand and highly profitable product creating the Savings Sidekick fundraising program. Matt knew that this program, with the support of local businesses, media, and corporate sponsors, would provide a fundraising program that Central Arkansas can be proud of. In March 2009 Matt brought Savings Sidekick to Little Rock.

Matt recogonizes the need for a quality fundraising product in Central Arkansas. Most local organizations are forced to sell over-priced products that people don't want to buy, while their group only receives pennies on the dollar for the items they sell.

Now, Central Arkansas non-profit organizations have access to a fundraising program that will help them raise more money and make it easier and faster than ever before. Savings Sidekick is dedicated to helping Central Arkansas area groups raise as much money as possible and maximize their fundraising efforts.
President's message
Thank you for visiting the home of Savings Sidekick Little Rock Coupon Book. We believe that non-profit organizations are a vital part of our community. They provide our youth with extracurricular activities, assist the less fortunate, and make Central Arkansas a better place to live. Our mission is to help these worthy groups maximize their fundraising efforts.

We are here to provide an easy and profitable fundraiser that benefits non-profit organizations and the Central Arkansas community.

Thank You!

Matt Black
Savings Sidekick Little Rock Coupon Book
Contact information
Arkansas Fundraiser, Inc.
PO Box 13007
Maumelle, AR 72113