Our Fundraising Program
The Savings Sidekick Little Rock Coupon Book is "Little Rock's Best Fundraiser." Our coupon book makes the perfect fundraiser for every organization needing to raise fast and easy money, including school groups, youth sports teams, and church groups. We know you will find our fundraiser to be perfect for your group because it is:


The Savings Sidekick Coupon Book is a fundraising product you can be proud to sell. Who doesn't want to save money? The book is full of coupons for local businesses with a total savings of more than a thousand dollars. Consumers love our product because of its compact size and its overall value.


Your organization can raise thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time. In most situations, your group will collect the money and deliver the product at the same time.

High Profit!

50% PROFIT! The book sells for $20 - Your goup keeps $10. No matter what! There are no minimums and no sliding scales based on the total number of books sold.


No Risk!

The coupon books are provided to you on consignement. Your group only pays for the books that they sell after they're sold. No money is due upfront, and you simply return all unsold and undamaged books.


The Savings Sidekick Coupon Book has a limited distribution. This ensures that your group will be selling a product not available to everyone else. This is not cookie dough, wrapping paper, or magazine subscriptions that everyone is tired of selling - and more importantly people are tired of buying.

Great Rewards!

We don't believe in cheap rewards! We will customize a rewards program for your group. Our rewards range from Limo Rides to iPods. Savings Sidekick provides these rewards at no cost to you.

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Your Earning Potential
The chart below demonstartes the high profitability of using Savings Sidekick for your fundraiser. The money adds up quickly when your organization is keeping $10 for every book sold.
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